A True Story

A True Story…

After searching throughout the fall and winter for their “dream home”, the buyers finally found a move-in ready condo that fit their needs. It came on the market on Monday. We saw it on Tuesday and wrote a full-price offer on the spot. This should have been easy-peasy, right?

Wrong. The inventory of homes and condos on the market is quite low in most CT towns. By the end of that day, my clients’ offer was one of 5 offers submitted! Without even an opportunity to increase our offer, the sellers selected another, presumably higher offer.

I share this story to highlight the recent changes in the real estate market. It is now a seller’s market. If you’ve been considering making a move, call me to take advantage of this very positive change for people selling. Buyers: I will help you an attractive offer that gets attention. And it’s not just about price. Call me for more details!